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Legal Terms on how to approach Segunda Piel webshop

Our lovely,

 We at Segunda Piel wish that our terms and conditions are little helpers for you to purchase in maximum security as a customer your favorite products listed in our webstore. For that, it would be very helpful for you to know your rights and responsibilities as a customer, as you are a well defined entity. Always try to find and read informations regarding online purchases. Changes might appear as local, international laws and regulations change so it’s your direct responsibility to stay up to date with that. We will try to let you know as soon as that happens.

Have a delightful reading and shopping at Segunda Piel Webstore known as www.segundapielshop.com.

Your Privacy

By entering your personal information in www.segundapielshop.com, your data is insured to have privacy and it will only be used to handle your orders and communication with you as a customer and Segunda Piel. We will not use your private information for public marketing purposes. If you get unwanted notifications from Segunda Piel or you suspect there was some information leakeage or you wish to end your subscription, please let us know as soon as possible at orders@segundapielshop.com. Nevertheless, if you as a customer pay by card, you become subject of validation and for that, Segunda Piel can delay your order if any transactional issues arise.


Segunda Piel is active and native on the territory of Romania, as the designer is Romanian well known architect. For that, the e-commerce laws of Romania and European Union apply and we invite you to search for them online. We ship our orders all over the world, so from one point on, we can just hope and pray that our orders get to you safe. Well, until now they always did.


There might be times when you want to order one product and we might not have it in stock. For that we don’t guarantee the availability at all times. It is your right to inform us at orders@segundapiel.com and order for a special item. Because of the authenticity of Segunda Piel, it’s fabrics, leathers, cultural tools we can’t produce in massive quantities our items. Usually we can produce up to 4 items. By any meanings, we can chat with our customers for special wishes and we can make them true in our given time.

You have the right to cancel your order until we ship it to you, if you think you were overcharged or just because you changed your mind. Our paying system and shipping carrier are managed by outside Segunda Piel organisations and we cannot be held for their errors, but we can help you manage any problem by communication and support.

The Brand and Rights

Segunda Piel brand is registered trademark for name, logo and credentials and we call it identity. Our customers or other parties do not have the right to use Segunda Piel identity as their own. Any image that is stored on www.segundapielshop.com, or video, text can’t be used without copyright. Segunda Piel owns entirely the content of www.segundapielshop.com as is produced by artists, producers, architects, communicators and it’s made specially for Segunda Piel.

Ordering your product

You just have to follow the buttons listed on www.segundapielshop.com and you will get after purchase a confirmation e-mail. If you don’t receive this e-mail, please contact us via sms at: 0040758860687. Charges may apply.

Very important information

Segunda Piel works with very experienced leather crafters, traditional authentic fabric developers, either professional or tribe, village original workers. Because of that, you will find price variations for the same model of items.

Most of the designer’s pieces are unique, so sometimes cannot be replicated for future orders. Depending on the dimensions of the unique fabric, there can be made more items. The reason is that the tribe people don’t like replicating the same patterns; when you look closely, you’ll discover differences, the other fabrics will differ a bit from the photo, variations will come only regarding the colors, both for the background and the patterns. So, feel free to ask any questions, or if necessary a preview, before making the order, you can request a close-up photo of the embroidery.


Segunda Piel runs its webshop through outside paying entity that will decide and process your order. Besides that, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Paypal. For internal orders on the territory of Romania, the customer can pay the Segunda Piel order directly at the courier, when the courier drops the order. The third method of paying for both Romania and worldwide is for the customer to pay through bank transfer that will be communicated to the customer through the confirmation e-mail after purchasing an item from www.segundapielshop.com. You will be charged the entire amount on order. When you add to cart your product, the system will calculate and inform you on the shipping payment. Orders outside European Union may constitute other charges and taxes. For more information, you can reach your local customs office.

* * *

Online via credit card through EuPlatesc.ro (Visa/Maestro/Mastercard).

If you have chosen the “Online via credit card” payment method, it will be necessary to fill a form with your card details in the secured page of the online payments processor.

** The payments made using credit cards issued under the Visa and Mastercard badge (Visa/Visa Electron and Mastercard/Maestro) are made through the “3-D Secure” system developed by the entities that assure to the online transactions the same security level as for the ones made at the ATMs or at POS, to the merchant.

** “3-D Secure” assures the credit card owner that no informations about the credit card is transfered or stored on the shop servers or on the payments processor servers, these data being directly introduced in the Visa and Mastercard systems.

Good to know! – there is no additional charge for the payments made via credit cards!

Returning or exchanging your product

All customers have the right to exchange or to return their product in the given time of 14 days from the 1st day the product has reached their property. Shipping the product back to Segunda Piel is on the customer’s expense. If you have removed the labels, deteriorated the product, dropped food inside the bag per se, spilled coffee, we don’t need to say more because you are an educated customer, we cannot refund or exchange your product. Refunds and exchanges will be made in maximum 14 working days.


If your order didn’t get to you in 30 days, then you have the right to cancel your order free of charge and you will be fully refunded (product, shipping and taxes). We advice you though to stay in touch with us and try to find a solution so the product gets in your property safely.

If you are naughty

Well, here we can talk about common sense. We know that the laws in 2017-2018 give the customer some wings, some customers may forget about the common sense. If that happens, we have the right not to talk to you anymore unfortunately, because we like harmony. We don’t go by the rule “Our customer, our master” or “The customer is the most important” or “The customer is entitled to anything”. We go by the rule “Segunda Piel and its customers are a team.” We like to talk to you if anything happens and get advice from you, also, take the time to listen to Segunda Piel.

Force Majeure Cases

If anything happens under emergency with a customer, Segunda Piel drops the legal act and comes in your favor if you prove your force majeure case. That is, because of a very qualified reason you cannot go through with your order. Force Majeur involves social emergencies, personal emergencies, death, nature emergencies. We are here to help.

Sending love.

Bucharest, Romania, European Union
Updated on December 2017
Segunda Piel

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