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Handmade item
Primary color: dark cherry
Natural leather
Details: bucket bag with in suede leather and metallic silver hardware, embroided fabrics, adjustable shoulder strap (short – 70 cm, long – 100cm), interior compartment, large size (W38cm x H42cm x D22cm). All leathers are hand cut and braided creating a practical bucket bag with plenty of  space to fill in “all your life solutions”.

Pre-orders: 10 working days (in respect to the hand-made design process the time dedicated for crafting requires several more days).

Most of the designer’s pieces are unique, so sometimes cannot be replicated for future orders. Depending on the dimensions of the unique fabric, there can be made more items. The reason is that the tribe people don’t like replicating the same patterns; when you look closely, you’ll discover differences, the other fabrics will differ a bit from the photo, variations will come only regarding the colors, both for the background and the patterns. So, feel free to ask any questions,  or if necessary a preview, before making the order, you can request a close-up photo of the embroidery.

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Patchworks come from inca weavings around the globe, from the Andes mountains in Peru, populated by indigenious groups of Indians called the Q’eros. They are direct descendants of the ancient Incan people who were invaded by the Spanish Conquistadores in the 1500’s. During those times, many of the Incan people were forced to labour in the mines by the Spanish, but a few others escaped to the so called “villages in the clouds” in the refuge of the holy mountains. These people survived and safe-guarded much of their sacred knowledge, keeping it intact over the centuries. The Q’eros have miraculously been able to preserve and orally pass on their sacred Inca healing traditions and ceremonies from one generation to the next. In recent years, the paqos (the Inca shamans – holy men and women, healers, priests and specialists in medicine) have seen their sacred mountain glaciers begin to melt.
The secret of the melting is available only for the bag owner’s at purchase in the bag book.


These hand-spun shawls are healing textiles called “mestana” with colorful, tight geometric designs and are used by a shaman during any of a variety of healing rituals. The real fascination of these woven works of art is the patterns and motifs they hold and what they signify. These patterns are more than colorful, decorative designs. They have meaning, intention and energy. The designs tell a story of what the weavers see around them and how they interpret their world, explain their history or express their intentions. The energies and intentions, some say magic, the mestana cloths act as a layer of consecrated ground upon which the shaman’s medicine work is conducted. The weavers of the Sacred Valley each have their own favorite motifs and styles and  colors. Among the more easily identifiable motifs are those of such natural phenomenon as stars, water and lakes, agricultural fields and implements, love, flowers, mountains, corn, sun, animals, and mythical characters. As you know, the rest of the Nina tactics are open to read only for the owners.

Most of the designer’s pieces are unique, so sometimes cannot be replicated for future orders.
Depending on the dimensions of the unique fabric, there can be made more items.


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