Ding Dong

Changing Times

Segunda Piel introduces Times Of Change Collection, the first step of this brand on a market that needs one more step to reach you. We at Segunda Piel have years of experiencing the constant changes. We met up in a team and every individual of it if flowing a change. The only common thing betwin us is change. We have different jobs, different passions, different clothes…


My healing cloths. The textiles I used are mostly healing cloths used in different healing ceremonies, by both shaman and ordinary people, and use a combination of colors and designs for their powerful healing protection. The complex geometric patterns hide the mythical figures from the evil spirits which are causing harm. Through dance and chant, the shaman calls upon the spirits of the…

Technical Soul

Take this as mathematics because that’s how it starts. Until you get to your own spirituality, there are short math steps, universal laws that I, maybe your grandma, perhaps the lady that sells flowers in your neighborhood, people who influence you, maybe people who walk next to you, strangers, world leaders, philosophers, doctors, you name it, they are born with a true center, that’s the soul…

Earn. Earn it.

It’s pretty easy to go around and get things. It’s easy and it feels natural to go the easy way. Did it ever last? No. You need it to last. If it lasts that means you can make the other step up and build your wish or your need. A nicely crafted purpose gets you to fall on a nice Turkish pillow and not on wet concrete. Until you gather your brains from the concrete, you will fall on another one. ..

Your History

One day one thought or one habit started to rise in you. You go back in your childhood and can’t find the memory that made you do that. But is so strong within you. You need to do it. Why? Perhaps that thought belongs to your grandma or to someone long lost in your family history. The same way you inherited the color of your hair, the shape of your nose, the look of your fingers, the same way…

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