Born in 1985, everything started with her fancy pink dress when she was 3. A gift from her aunt, this pink dress became a life rule and emerged in what is Segunda Piel today.
Funny, isn’t it? No. Serious as a nun.
Diana would sing and dance in this pink dress in all her family gatherings and in return she would get cakes. From then on she started to travel the world.

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poza diana pentru cerc

Diana comes from a family of engineers and doctors, but not one you would normally assume. Every member of her family had their highly creative pleasure, singing, painting, dancing and not to mention more. As a highly contoured Romanian architect today, Diana paints, sings, dances, creates jewelry and gives birth to Segunda Piel, a long lasting testament left in her soul by some universal ancestors.

Sharpen by exact senses she developed with woody oriental fragrances, peppermint, cedar, absinth plant, patchouli, curry, pepper, leather, burned wood, Diana would be led by high humanity values in her creation of architecture. This is her true center and from here she had risen all her passions as a productive tool.  Curious and expansive, Diana felt the need to express all her creativity, so not everyone was able to handle her. Grandma was her good starting point and then her brother forced to listen each day what she would sing. Good enough.

If her creativity wasn’t stuck to ground by mathematics, piano and violin, then she would have been today another not understood artist, maybe singing poorly on the side of the street you walk your way home. Discipline in her creative chaos made her what she is today, a successful business woman, able to express herself by need and desire, considered a value by society. At 15 years old she had her first business with leather crafting and was accepted as a designer by many fashion houses. Continued to be a fashion stylist for magazines and her jewelry were selected for superstars music videos.

Sleeping and working in her studio, her jewelry and leather prints and cuts turned in shapes of colorful tribal symbolism, tribal patterns and not as a trend you see today. As a classic genuine trend that made her travel the world, collect fabrics and meet the culture creators. With 8 years of architecture study in Spain and Romania, along with expanding herself in martial arts, yoga, painting, tattoos and hidden symbols, Diana started inking her own visuals on her skin. She benefited from the top 5th Universities of Advanced Architecture in the world in Barcelona (IaaC) and there her connections to the world became vivid by collecting fabrics throughout the years until 2016 when Segunda Piel became a name.

Diana is a leader, but not one that will ever be a benchmark. Her authenticity is so hard to reproduce, that you will be inspired to make your own business instead of a replica. Her story fed many with her energy and always smiling child face, having in the back a correct and mature entrepreneurial life.  Smell her footprints, she will always be ahead with your desires and the degree of familiarity that she gives you, turns into falling in love.

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