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Being able to use these fabrics in my designs gave me a sense of exaltation and I bow in front of these people that are so creative and yet humble. Designer.
Technical file: cross cultures, shaman, tribe, ethnic groups, tribal fabrics, mayan motifs, mantra, sacred geometry, forest, water, sky, protection, circle, triangle, earth, sun, moon.

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Segunda Piel is a lifework on learning, being and searching the world ancient culture that is still heavily alive in the 21th century. The purpose of the designer is not to translate the symbols but stop this process of European interpreting and have it the way it is. A symbol that is earned by anguish and hard spiritual shift. You have to find and want Segunda Piel.

Handcrafted unique leather items using inspired tribal fabrics, describing hidden markings and symbolism, interpreting different inspirations such as stunning wildlife, flora, fauna, the Earth, the sky, sacred geometries or intricate textiles that take part of shamanic and spiritual rituals in which the shaman wears various embroided clothes for ayahuasca healing ceremonies. The hand-made process of the embroidery constructed from traditional techniques, highlights the originality and the true beauty  of the final product seen as a piece of art.

The outcome of Segunda Piel designs is an authentic handmade product created  from a mix of natural leather and textiles, spiced with decorations, semiprecious stones, silver jewelry, bone, charms collected and selected from around the world by the designer. Having special trips not meant to be a traveling experience, but a local living for weeks, Diana Nitreanu, the designer came back to Romania with all these cultural goods and started putting them into shape. Actually a unique approach, Segunda Piel becomes a brand by intercultural meanings.

Segunda Piel is a woman’s nest, her bag is her life and symbolizes her home wherever she goes. Either recognize this through a fine piece of genuine leather or remain without identity. That was the starting point of the brand.  Everything that you are is seen on the outside. Segunda Piel is your intimacy, the second layer of your center that holds what’s real, your piece of your own cultural decency. No matter what your immediate image is, keep what ‘s real in sight so you never forget.

The textiles used are healing cloths used in different healing ceremonies, by both shamans and ordinary people,  and use a combination of colors plus designs for their powerful healing protection. The complex geometric patterns hide the mythical  figures and you will find out the rest of the story in your personal bag booklet, created for a single user experience. What you chose, was made especially for you without knowing and without questions. Just like a child. Each textile is hand-woven by local peaceful people from communities around the world, being a way to transmit, protect and capture good energy. The villagers still weave on wood-frame, hand-built looms and their artistic expressions are still closely married to their traditional motifs and spiritual values.

Segunda Piel is basically another skin of you. That skin with the true story that escaped so long ago from your city, smelled the world for your identity and came back with your truth. Conceal it.

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