Changing Times

Segunda Piel introduces Times Of Change Collection, the first step of this brand on a market that needs one more step to reach you. We at Segunda Piel have years of experiencing the constant changes. We met up in a team and every individual of it if flowing a change. The only common thing betwin us is change. We have different jobs, different passions, different clothes and different leather belts. That’s what makes us a team reunited with discipline and love. We are far behind cults, agnostics, fanatics, anarchists, extremists. We walk a silent road every day searching for soul leisure and we smile with our bodies. We are in contact with ourselves, remember the past, accept a future, but live in the present reality. That’s how we change every single day. By paying attention to the one next to us, by researching a world wide market of needs and desires.

Times of Change Collection is the first representation of a healed designer on her path to constant professional and intimate evolution, all done with happiness and respect for whatever is going on. You can see that on the exact fine cuts of the leather, on the color combinations, fabric quality by touch. The leather on your bag is alive and will change shape and will mold differently every day. It will change color. We don’t know why but that’s what leather does. It changes, it evolves, it’s like a natural memory foam that adapts differently to different individuals. If by chance you meet up on the street with someone that has Segunda Piel same as yours, you’ll see that your bags are totally different. Because you allowed change to happen. That’s the exact magic that lies behind evolution. Not secret lamps that you have to rub. It’s all in your power.

Segunda Piel has years of research behind done with mathematic tools, psychological attention, spiritual guidance completed and based by an architect hand.

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