Technical Soul Draft

Take this as mathematics because that’s how it starts. Until you get to your own spirituality, there are short math steps, universal laws that I, maybe your grandma, perhaps the lady that sells flowers in your neighborhood, people who influence you, maybe people who walk next to you, strangers, world leaders, philosophers, doctors, you name it, they are born with a true center, that’s the soul. The soul that is so often forgot in a brain armoire until you reach a hardship in your life. But hey, that’s the true center. What you think you are, what the society thinks you are is your Ego, your pride, your clothes, your job, your car, the mascara you use. That’s good though. But you will find out who you are and what you need the moment you have to access your emotions. The moment your intelligent brain needs to take care of play hard emotions that run around your body like million monkeys. Maybe then you will try to reach outside, ask for help, use everything you need to get well. Don’t do that. Be quiet. Stay inside. Let it explode. Go through it. Be honest. Close your eyes. Stay mindful. Feel every drop of intensity in your body. Let yourself go. Let yourself fly. Don’t resist. That’s how you’ll reach your true center, your soul. Why? In the soul there are all the answers to Ego questions. That’s where you will strip until raw honesty that lets you produce humanity. Afford to do this. It’s neither good nor bad. It’s different. It’s free. It frees you.

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